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Black Ice Audio FX-10

Black Ice Audio FX-10

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The Black Ice FX10 is a compact integrated stereo with a huge 3D sound. The small size allows it to fit in tight areas like an office, bedroom, or dorm room.

Attach your music source, speakers, and the result is a smooth, rich, detailed holographic sound. Features included automatic biasing, remote control, two RCA input sets, one mini-jack input, and 4 and 8 ohm speaker outputs.

This mighty little amp fits in areas with limited space and easily push difficult speakers because of its abundance of current.

As a general guide, the FX10 can comfortably push 90 dB or greater speakers in a large room(20x30) and 87 dB speakers in a medium room(13 x 18) at the proper listening distance. For nearfield(about 4 ft from the speaker) it can drive up to 84 dB speakers.

Tube Upgrades:

The Gold Lion EL84 will bring you smoother highs, more energy and air in the upper mid-range, and tighter bass with more extension than the already excellent stock Electro-Harmonix EL84 tube. This is the best first tube upgrade for the FX10.

The Tung Sol 7189 adds about 2 watts of extra power over the standard EL84. In addition to fuller bass and excellent mids. The 7189 has a great upper mid range. These tubes give the FX10 and F11 some more presence with hard to drive speakers. These should be part of your tube collection if you are an EL84 lover like us. We are not sure how long the supply will last.

Please Note: Upgraded tubes take the place of the stock tubes, you will only receive on e set of power tubes.

Construction Details & Features

  • Fully Integrated Stereo Amplifier: 10 watts of constant power from EL84 tubes.

  • Multiple Inputs: CD and Aux RCA on the rear and a 3.5mm line on the front.

  • Remote Control: On/off, volume, selector, mute.

  • Full Glass Top with Heat resistant Safety Glass

  • Self Biasing Circuit

  • Compact Size: 8 in. W X 7 in. D X 7 in. H

  • Components: Gold plated RCA input jacks, gold plated five way speaker connectors.

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