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Silver City HiFi

Degritter VII Ultrasonic record cleaning machine

Degritter VII Ultrasonic record cleaning machine

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Degritter MARK II offers sophisticated ultrasonic cleaning and smart functionalities for more convenient use.

New features:

Ultrasonic Power Drive 2.0 – stronger, but safe for the record

Pulse Mode cleaning – better cleaning effect, low power consumption

Polished exterior design – in keeping with our high design standards

Designed For You

Distinctly Automatic

The Degritter is fully automatic, requiring no additional effort after the cleaning cycle has started. Use the free time for listening to records instead of cleaning them. 

Simple Water Management

The machine has a convenient removable water
tank for replacing cleaning water.

Perfect Touch Buttons

We have perfected the feel and function of the machine’s buttons. The rotations and presses provide most satisfying feel you will be unable to let go of.

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